New Team Info

Thank you for your interest in the Census Softball League. This page presents everything you should need to know to start and run a team in the league. For an overview of the league in general, please refer to the League Overview page.

League Meetings
The first thing you should do is contact Nelson Colon to let him know you intend to start a new team. He will invite you to the 2 pre-season league meetings where all league decisions are made and teams pay their team dues for the season. We have one post-season meeting to discuss any issues that may have come up during the season. All meetings are held in the Census HQ building from 12pm to 1pm.

Team Preferences
At the beginning of the season, all teams inform the league of the following preferences:

  • Recreational/Competitive play
  • Participation in playoffs at end of season
  • Which days of the week are best for scheduling games

Your responses to these questions help the league to best accommodate your needs when making the game schedule.

Team Roster
Before the season begins, every team must submit a team roster with at least 15 players. When making a team roster, keep the following in mind:

  • Most players on your roster must work (or did work) at the Suitland Federal Center (NOAA & Navy included). Your roster is allowed no more than 5 players who do not fit this description.
  • All players on your roster must have CBWRA numbers.
  • You need at least 3 women at each game, so it would be wise to have at least 4 or 5 full time women on your roster.
  • Make sure you have at least one full time person who is a reasonably good pitcher.
  • The league provides all teams with a list of players who are looking to join a team. Once you talk to Nelson, you will also have access to this list and can pick up more players if needed.
  • Your roster can be as huge as you want it to be. We allow you to bat as many players as you want in a game as long as you have enough extra women. See Rule 3.3.1 for more information.

Team Equipment
All teams in the league must own and provide the following for all home games:

  • 3 bases at least 1 inch thick
  • 1 pitching rubber
  • 2 orange cones
  • League approved softball bats - see Legal Bat List
  • 1 home plate (just in case we need to move the field from its permanent position)

The league will provide you with game balls and scorebooks. Also, please make sure all your players have a softball glove and do not wear metal cleats to Census games.

Team Dues
Team dues are determined at the beginning of each season. Before the season begins, each team must pay the league a specified amount (was $240 in 2011) and commit to paying $15 to the umpire at each game (for a total of $160 for the season). Before the season, you should collect enough money from your team members to cover both these expenses.

Season Responsibilities
For every game in the season, you (or someone else on your team) are responsible for the following:

  1. Make sure enough players will show up on time. You need 10 (w/ 3 women) for a full team, but can play with as few as 8 (w/ 1 woman). You take automatic outs if playing with less than 10 and will be penalized for forfeits.
  2. Bring $15 to pay the umpire.
  3. Bring scorebook.
  4. If you are home team, bring 3 bases, cones, pitching rubber, and game balls.
  5. If you are away team, bring 1 base and backup softballs.
  6. Report the game score on this website if your team wins.

If you have any more questions on starting a team in the Census Softball League, please contact Nelson Colon or Nelson Colon. Thanks again for your interest in the league.