Legal Bat List

Only softball bats with Census Softball League approval stickers affixed to them may be used in Census League play. To receive a sticker, players/coaches must bring the bat to Jessica Semega at work.

The bats have to be:

  • Composite or aluminum
  • 1.2 BPF or less (listed on bat)
  • One-piece
  • Single wall
  • ASA/USSSA approved

A few notes about the approved bat list:

All double wall, triple wall, two-piece (e.g. Easton Connexion, Demarini Vexxum), and “EST” & “PST”-model bats, and bats that exceed a 1.2 BPF are prohibited from Census play. All fast-pitch (“FP” or negative weighting: e.g., - 8 oz., -10 oz.) and baseball model bats will no longer be certified for use in Census play.

Bats that have been certified in the past will be grandfathered in. However, if you want to be able to have the sticker replaced on your bat should it become damaged or unreadable (and it is not on the list below), you must provide the League Officers with the sticker number and a digital picture of the bat. If you don’t have a digital camera just let one of us know and we’ll get out to one of your games to take a picture. This applies to all fast pitch and baseball model bats even if the model is listed below. The list below applies to Slow Pitch bats only.

PLEASE REALIZE that many double-wall, fast pitch or baseball bats may have model names very similar to or the same as what is listed below. Be sure you are buying a single wall SLOW PITCH bat from the list below if you expect to be able to use it in Census Softball.

Anyone who wishes to dispute a bat listed on the Legal Bat List or make a case for adding a bat to the Legal Bat List must submit, in writing, evidence as to why the bat does or does not belong on the Census Softball Legal Bat List, and the league officers will review and research the bat in question.

Akadema Xtension

Anderson Flextech
Anderson Ignite SP
Anderson Pyrotech

Bombat Daddario
Bombat Hollow Point
Bombat Ice Bruce Meade
Bombat Johnny Ice

Catapult C405

DeBeer Clincher Silver
DeBeer Clincher New York 12 (NEWY12)
DeBeer CHIC16 Chicago Clincher
DeBeer Icon

DeMarini Bruiser (DXBSP)
DeMarini Deemo
Demarini Destroyer
Demarini Nitro
DeMarini Ultimate Weapon

Dudley Assault, Assault II

Easton Black Magic
Easton Black Max
Easton Cyclone
Easton Diamond Pro
Easton Hammer
Easton Havoc
Easton React
Easton Redline (except Z or C-Core)
Easton Redline Schuck
Easton Redline Sunbelt
Easton Reflex (except Z or C-Core)
Easton Reflex Joerling
Easton Reflex Schuck
Easton S63428
Easton SE910
Easton SK17
Easton SK7
Easton Smoke
Easton Smoker
Easton Spectre
Easton Triple 7 (SC777)
Easton Typhoon
Easton V12 (SV1)
Easton X-Treme

Grover Gold
Grover MVP
Grover Silver


Louisville Samurai (SB86S)
Louisville TPS Dynasty (SB75P)
Louisville TPS Warrior (SB12W & SB85W)

Mattingly MVPSP V-Grip

Nike Aero Launch
Nike Battaboom
Nike Black Powder
Nike Bomber
Nike El Loco
Nike Hawk
Nike Igniter
Nike Keystone
Nike Keystone Gold
Nike Show
Nike Storm
Nike Swoosh

One Cryo Equalizer
One Cryo Equalizer (not One Cryo Equalizer 2)
One Cryo Stealth

Paragon Big Cat

Patriot Scandium Super950

Powerflite Aerodyne
Powerflite JA-7 ERC
Powerflite WCS

Powerhouse Extreme 2 Distance
Powerhouse Troy Brumbalow
Powerhouse Xtreme

Rawlings Ambush (SP1AM2)
Rawlings Caliber (SPCLBR)
Rawlings Fuel (SPFL4)
Rawlings Ion
Rawlings Paramount (SPPAR)
Rawlings Powerforged
Rawlings Select (SP1)
Rawlings Strive

Steele's Blue
Steele's Laserflex
Steele's Storm

Toledo Inferno

TPS 3426 (XS)
TPS 3433
TPS Advanced Player (SB30)
TPS C2000
TPS C405 Dirk Androff Signature model
TPS C405 Plus
TPS Dirk Androff
TPS Dynasty Power dome
TPS Gamer
TPS Gold
TPS Grand Slam
TPS Momentum
TPS Power Dome
TPS Powerized
TPS Response Power Dome
TPS Ritch's Superior
TPS Silver Slugger
TPS Warrior Power dome
TPS Warrior (SB85W)


Wilson Beast

Worth Blade (W8SB)
Worth BBWR
Worth Carl Rose Supercell
Worth Clincher
Worth Excalibur
Worth Lithium Edge (SBTST)
Worth MG46 (SSMG)
Worth NWLH2
Worth Powercell
Worth Prodigy (SBPCX)
Worth Prodigy 7050 Whiplash (W7SB)
Worth SBAB
Worth SBBA
Worth SBP
Worth Silencer (SBSIL)
Worth Silencer Chrome X (ALXSB)
Worth SS130
Worth SSB12
Worth SSBP02
Worth SSWR2
Worth Supercell
Worth Supercell VT
Worth SW2
Worth SW4
Worth SWS23
Worth UltraFlex
Worth Wicked (WWSB only)
Worth W4SB7 Insanity 7046 Whiplash