Census Softball League

Jeans and Jersey Day 2015

Welcome to the Census Softball League. We are a co-ed slow-pitch softball league with players of all skill levels. Whether you want to compete to win or just have fun and socialize, we have a team for you.

The 2019 season has started!
  • If you would like to join an existing team, please click here* to sign up as a free agent.
  • The league needs umpires! If interested, please contact Grant Degler.
  • Postponements are posted here by 3:30pm on game day.

    Tue Jun 25GP  @  KBField 1
    Tue Jun 25LS  @  MGField 2
    Tue Jun 25KB  @  GPField 1
    Wed Jun 26AS  @  RGField 1
    Wed Jun 26DB  @  K2Field 2
    Wed Jun 26RG  @  ASField 1
    Thu Jul 4NA  @  NAField 1

    Wed Jun 19K2 @ MG16 - 9
    Wed Jun 19AS @ BD3 - 9
    Wed Jun 19BD @ AS12 - 10
    Wed Jun 19MG @ K24 - 14
    Tue Jun 18RG @ KB12 - 5
    Tue Jun 18LS @ DB7 - 1

    * Note: The Free Agent sign-up page only works when accessed from computers at Suitland Federal Center.
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